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A Little Goes a Long Way!

It's amazing how small things can build up. Drops of rain become raging torrents, or in our case, running creeks when we get a good downpour. But even small actions can can cause large impacts.

October and early November are always the "monsoon" season in Central Texas and that has tremendous effects on our ecosystems and creeks. Take for example, the Central Williamson Creek greenbelt trail off of Meadow Creek Circle. After just a few major rain events in early October, Williamson Creek was tranformed from a dry and mostly dead creekbed into a lush and vibrant landscape. At the same time, the build up of trash and debris in that part of the creek was monumetal. During the monthly creek clean-up in mid-October, led by our Vice President Anna Pittala and the Central Williamson Creek Advocates and Adopters, you could find everything from fastfood cups and straws, pvc pipe, coaxial cables, shoes, a plethora of cans, and even a couple of basketball trophies, just to name a few things.

But again, a little can go a long way and the small group of volunteers tackled that section of creek with gusto and managed to pull out what probably amounted to at least 500 pounds of trash that day. That means that the wonderful folks who are passionate about our creeks helped prevent at least 500 pounds of trash from flowing into the Colorado River and on into the Gulf of Mexico.

If you're interested in joining a creek clean-up or would like to host one with us, let us know! In the meantime, check out these photos from the October clean up to see what a difference our fantastic volunteers made!

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