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Water Resources - Green Spaces - Communities

As Austin grows, green spaces are shrinking. If you have ever heard of the Urban Heat Island effect, you are aware that green spaces are a valuable resource that protects cities from this issue. Green corridors are essential ecosystems for a multitude of plant and animal species. Naturally, everything in these systems rely on the waterways that nourish them. With the onslaught of construction and development, creeks and waterways in South Austin suffer from degradation. 
This is why our mission is to protect waterways, tributaries, and yes, even the dry creek beds that are so essential for green corridors.
South Austin Creek Alliance is driven by the need to create positive environmental impacts by advocating for the creeks and tributaries in south Austin, educating the public about the critical nature of these ecosystems, and organizing events to protect them.

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Speaking up for the protection of vital resources

Advocacy and education are necessary for the protection of these precious resources. Working with other nonprofits and local agencies helps us build a stronger voice on behalf of these ecosystems and the communities that surround them.



Getting to know our neighbors, across the street and in the creeks

We want to focus on getting the word out that helping the environment can start in your own backyard. Many people are unaware their house is built on top of one of the largest aquifers in the world or that the dry creek bed in their backyard is vital to fragile ecosystems. Our grassroots outreach efforts aim to bring neighbors together while protecting the greenspaces around us.

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